Heavy Wallets, Happy Communities

With your TAG! card you get exclusive access to deals, discounts and promotions at hundreds of independent businesses.

Not got yours yet? You can find out more about the TAG! card or purchase one online.

How do I use my card?

Steph and Lauren hard at work in On 'The Corner,' a wonderful independent cafe/record-store combination in Chorlton

Nice and simple: show it before you pay. Any extra steps we leave to your discretion (grinning, cackling, hopping etc).

Same goes for the key-fob that comes with your card. Although we tend to make a point of showing off our groovy collection of keys while we're at it. Seriously, it's an awesome collection.

One thing though: please make a point of showing your card when you order – or even the moment you walk in – rather than at the last minute. For restaurants especially it can be a bit of a pain to re-run the order through.

If you do have any problems or questions get in touch with us and we'll get it sorted.

Where can I save?

You can use your card with any TAG! business. These can be found either by using the navigation on the left of the screen – organised by area – or looking out for the TAG! logo in their window.

Is there, by chance, some form of portable list?

Glad you asked, of course there is. If you click through to our pocket directories page you'll find a list of fold-up-able A5 lists of TAG! indies and their offers.

Anything else?

If you've got any ideas about how we can make things better (or easier) you'd be saving us a coffee-fueled brainstorm or three. Drop us a line on our contact page.