Wonderful, Wonderful People...

We've been very lucky so far in working with a variety of good causes packed with people dead set on making their community - and often the world - a better place to live in. You can find more details about some of them amongst our friends.

Some of our partnerships

We are currently partnering with a wide range of different organisations (big and small) to help them reach their goals and to spread the TAG! word. We do this through:


Many groups have been raising funds through card sales, keeping 50% of the proceeds from each sale and spreading the TAG! message to a much wider audience than we ever could have on our own.

If you wish to buy your card online from us and still ensure the funds go to the charity who told you about us, simply put their name in the referral box on the get-your-card page.

If you're interested in finding out more about how card sales work for non-profit or charity take a look at our fundraising page.


We give away 10% of the money raised from web card sales to charities and non-profits, usually in a lump sum when a particular cause catches our eye. Past recipients include Chorlton FM and the Didsbury Festival.


We've also tried our hand at the odd spot of active sponsorship and sponsorship-finding. Through organising events, selling cards and benefitting from the goodwill of local businesses we've been able to directly support community movements (such as the £1300 we raised for Chorlton FM, a community radio station in Chorlton).