Raising Money With TAG!

One of the most rewarding means we have found for spreading the TAG! word is through fundraising partnerships with a great bunch of non-profits.

How it works

Selling either to their members or to the wider public a non-profit can become a seller of TAG! cards, keeping 50% of the proceeds from each purchase (£2.50 for each £5 card sold).

They can also refer people to our site to buy a card from us. So long as the card-buyer puts the charity's name in the referral box on the get-your-card page we can then donate the £2.50 to them hassle-free.

Any financial risks?

Nope. We understand that no non-profit wants to be worrying about money-issues so we offer cards on a sale-or-return basis with no payment upfront.

Want to know more?

Send us a message or get in touch on our contact page; we're always on the look-out for new organisations to work with and we've got a range of materials to make selling a doddle.