What's TAG! For Businesses?

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Amy from Oldfields shwoing off her skills

TAG! is a marketing and loyalty tool for small and medium independent businesses. It gives you the means to effectively attract and retain customers by rewarding them for their loyalty and custom. And it costs a token £10 for the year.

By becoming a TAG! business you join a community of hundreds of other independent businesses of all shapes and sizes, covering all different types of services. As part of our network you have a louder voice and will reach more customers, convert them and keep them.

You can also - if you want - start selling our cards and publicising the scheme (with handsome monetary rewards for your efforts). If you're interested please visit our cardsellers' page for details.

How does it work?

TAG! businesses offer cardholders an incentive to shop with them - in the form of deals, promotions or discounts - which is tailored to their needs and business model.

Once you join you have complete control over every aspect of your offer and there are no hidden fees or expensive equipment to purchase.

What kind of offer?

Our principle concern is to increase trade for your business and create a sustainable offer to entice customers and build loyalty. We will always be on hand to help you form an offer that is effective, but it's up to you to think about what will work for your business and your customers.

As a rule of thumb we recommend that:

  1. Your offer suits your business model and takes into account predictable tendencies such as quiet times;
  2. Your offer is exclusive to cardholders and will make them feel rewarded for their custom;
  3. Your offer is simple.

A few examples from other TAG! businesses

  • 20% off, Monday - Thursday (Crazy Wendy's, a restaurant);
  • 50% off admin fees (Plush Properties, a property consultant);

How flexible is my offer?

As flexible as can be: as well as having full control over the content of the offer you can also alter it at anytime. Any conditions which need stipulating can be included in the offer, although we recommend keeping things as simple as possible for the customer.

And if your situation changes or something big comes up you can retract your offer for however long you need without affecting your membership.

Anything else?

We're always on the look-out for other ways to help out; these tend to be dependent on your area.

If you can think of anything that we can do for you or that you'd like to see from TAG! please get in touch through our contact page.

If you're interested in getting involved please visit our how to join page, or if you want to find out more feel free to quiz us by sending us an email.