Spreading The Word

Every extra pair of eyes finding out about TAG! helps us make the schemes bigger, better and more useful for you. Here's a few ways you can make get the word out.

Promote TAG! Online

If you're looking to show people that you're a TAG! member, look no further! Just copy and paste one of the following bits of HTML – the symbol-heavy paragraphs in the boxes below – and put it on your website. You can see what it will look like from the previews.

If you need any help on how to put them on your site, need a specific size or look, or are after logos and TAG-gy things just send an email to sam@tagpassiton.com and he'll sort you out in a jiffy.

TAG! Messages – All about Local


shop smart, local and independent download


Make a real difference in your local community
Part of the team


TAG! logo download


TAG! member download


TAG! member download

Offer Poster

In order to cut down on confusion and make your customers' lives easy it's best to make your TAG! offer nice and obvious (saving them the worry of inquiring).

Below you'll find the template poster which is our base design, but we're always up for adapting it (either the look or the size). Most of our posters tend to be either A4 or A6.

If you're in a rush get one of these printed off and mark it with your offer, but you're best off sending us a request to do it lovelily (a real word). As ever, Sam's the guy you need for the designs, logos and so forth: sam@tagpassiton.com

TAG! Offer Poster (Template)

Cardseller's Business List

To make selling TAG! cards even easier you can print off these A5 sized lists of businesses (and their offers) in your area.

Rather than memorising all of the offers available to cardholders and reciting them on demand – not a bad skill to have – you can point customers to this guide and they can see for themselves.