The What & The Why

TAG! is a community loyalty movement. That’s a real thing, although we definitely had to make it up first.

Richard from Pimlotts showing support for independents in Cheadle

We took all the best bits of the ‘shop local’ campaign, threw in some philanthropy and then took out all the usual sacrifices and efforts that people have to make. Then we gave it a silly name and coloured it orange.

We’re a non-profit obsessed with helping people make a lasting difference in the areas where we live, work and play. We do this by rewarding you for supporting independent businesses and raising funds for local organisations.

The kicker is you don't really have to *do* anything. No herculean feats, cold showers or late nights – all we ask is that you discover what's already there.

Local independents – the best thing near you

Here's what we know and why we do what we do: Independent businesses give our high streets personality and they make shopping a joy. Without them we can't have community.

Our aim is to help you find them. Find them all. And once you're there, we'll reward you with exclusive savings and deals.

Why independent?

It's a question of character. Independents have it. They're run by real people with stories to tell. Real people who smile and chat (and in some cases gossip), who love what they do and are happy to share their passion with others.

For you as a customer it's about discovering an unparalleled range of goods and services delivered with a personal touch. We've all tried the other way, with the queues and the misery and the check-outs. Our view is that coming back with a bounce in your step and a grin on your face is much preferable.

Investing in our communities

There's also an economic factor, which is the crux of what we stand for – Spend money locally and it stays local. Everyone in the area benefits, including you.

By shopping smart, local and independent we can make our communities sustainable, save money and enjoy every moment. And you get a warm-tingly feeling in your belly. Pinky swear.

Our modest little dream

By changing the way you shop (for the better) you’ll discover the great people, places and products that are right there on your doorstep. You can do your bit for your community by doing what’s best for you – saving money and enjoying your shopping experience.

So, a question, if you'll permit us

Do you want to make positive change happen in your community?

An optimistic outlook requires that we assume you respond with an emphatic yes. In which case, you should probably find out about the TAG! card.