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Stepping onto the learning curve

Samuel Thompson - Saturday, January 14, 2012

Stairway to ? —( ‘Stairway to ?’, with thanks to marfis75 on flickr )— After months of excuses I've taken a day off, sat myself in front of a computer and ignored my emails. While causing some annoyance to my business partner this daring act has culminated in the beginnings of a blog. Finally.

So why start a blog?

Over the past year and a half I've been working flat out on TAG!, meeting hundreds of industrious, enthusiastic and interesting people (and drinking offensive amounts of coffee).

This has had two effects: firstly, it's made me even more convinced that everyone should know about the joy of shopping independent and experiencing what I've seen first-hand; and secondly, it's shown me that you can always work harder and get more done.

Until recently I'd never felt lazy. But now - at a time when I'm working harder and longer than ever before - I spend most of my days with people who have forgotten what holidays are and, often, don't care. Justifying not spending a few extra hours a week writing was always going to be a stretch but, in such stellar company, it's simply no longer possible. In short: I can no longer muster up excuses, so I'm taking the plunge.

What can you expect?

I'm very interested in TAG! but the chances are that you're less obsessed with what we're up to (if that's not the case please comment - it'd make my day).

What I imagine you are interested in are unique experiences, original reflections and easily-digestable peeks into what's happening around the world.

Here at TAG! we do two things: we run a business and we work with independents. I'll talk about both, curate news for you and give you an opinion on things that catch my eye.

Hopefully you'll give me your thoughts too. If you agree, tell me - positive reinforcement is a beautiful thing. If not, tell me why.

Wish me luck.

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