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Needles in the hay #4 – A few links worthy of your time

Samuel Thompson - Monday, March 12, 2012

—( ‘Do you love reading?’, with thanks to Fiduz )—Each week I put together a collection of a couple of articles, ideas and innovations that I've come across in my attempts to digest all of the information on the internet. These are some of the ones that really stood out.


// Stop Kony

The organisation behind this movement, Invisible Children, have created one of the best attention grabbing videos I've ever seen. It's been watched over 7 million times, and must be one of the only 30 minute clips on YouTube that people have watched all the way through.

If you're interested in the message behind the clip I'd recommend doing some further reading as a huge amount of controversy has been raised criticising the aims and means of Invisible Children. Here's a few extra links to start with:

// A Bit More Groupon

I linked to a few detailed and perceptive analyses of the Groupon model in a previous post, but this one adds some up-to-date statistics that should signal alarm bells for any small businesses thinking of hopping on the bandwagon. Take a gander.

// Good news for local suppliers

It's always nice to see legislation which evens the field a bit. Fingers crossed it makes a difference.

// A measured look at online tracking

This a subject that I've mentioned previously, but one that is becoming more and more pertinent as we spend more time online. A more detailed look at the mechanics of tracking and just how much of it goes on can be found here.

//The end of the road for Game?

I spent many hours as a kid (and a not inconsiderable number as an adult) in Game, browsing around and geeking out. Digital distribution seems to be killing them off, perhaps unsurprisingly, but the message of what is being lost is relevant across all high street spaces.

Your Moment Of Zen

// Changing things through fun

I can only commend Volkswagen for this initiative, The Fun Theory, which aims to prove that “something as simple as fun is the easiest way to change people’s behaviour for the better”. The link above is one of my favourites.

Have you come across any links you'd like to share?

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