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Needles in the hay #3 – A few links worthy of your time

Samuel Thompson - Monday, March 05, 2012

—( ‘Do you love reading?’, with thanks to Fiduz )—Each week I put together a collection of a couple of articles, ideas and innovations that I've come across in my attempts to digest all of the information on the internet. These are some of the ones that really stood out.


// Locals, it seems, like local

Perhaps not entirely surprising, but good to have confirmed nonetheless — it turns out that locals believe local producers and shops are important for the future of their high street, according to this poll by the Local Government Association.

// Kickstarter Konverses [sorry...]

Kickstarter, true to its name, kick started the whole crowd-sourced micro-payment craze and has led to dozens of niche spin-offs.

This is a presentation from one of the founders, Yancey Strickler, detailing just how the platform works, why it works, and how it can be used best. Fascinating stuff.

The talk itself is only 13 minutes long; unfortunately you can't hear the questions in the Q&A section, so you can likely ignore the other 25 minutes.

// The 10 Commandments of Presenting

I have both a healthy fear of boring presentations and a well-earned respect for Nick Morgan. Here's his quick-fire advice on how not to be terrible.

// Good Adverts – not an oxymoron

Bad advertising seems to be the standard nowadays, focused entirely on interrupting us to such an extent that we are forced to pay attention. But I haven't yet lost hope in the medium, and this series from TEDAds Worth Spreading – does a wonderful job of reminding me why.

Your Moment Of Zen

// Bringing Joy and Cheer

Absolutely made my day. For the first time I wish I lived in London.

Have you come across any links you'd like to share?

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