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Needles in the hay #2 – A few links worthy of your time

Samuel Thompson - Monday, February 27, 2012

—( ‘Do you love reading?’, with thanks to Fiduz )—Each week I put together a collection of a couple of articles, ideas and innovations that I've come across in my attempts to digest all of the information on the internet. These are some of the ones that really stood out.


// Better Approaches To Tackling ‘The Highstreet Problem’

A really interesting set of presentations from a couple of speakers who know exactly what they are talking about, complete with the passion and expertise you would expect from those who deal with this everyday.

// The Entrepreneurial Journey

A short-ish inspiring video made up of some of the best interviews from around 400 entrepeneurs about their story, their drive and what it really means to be an entrepreneur and run your own business.

// The Bitcoin saga

I've recently been reading up on the idea of local currencies, and it seems likely that most such currencies will eventually have to embrace technology in a big way. That in mind, I trawled for an in-depth article on digital currencies and came across this gem on the most (in)famous example, the humble Bitcoin.

// Understanding Groupon

The single best and most exhaustive collection of research I've found on Groupon (and other similar deal sites). Full of useful information for merchants wanting to benefit, ways things can go terribly wrong (or wonderfully right) and an intelligent analysis of the business model.

Your Moment Of Zen

// A Great Concept And Giggle-Inducing Copy Writing

Crowdrise is a brilliant platform for raising money for good causes and it does its job sublimely well. On top of that, the writing and content had me in stitches; an accessible and memorable way to add personality to an already impressive concept.

Have you come across any links you'd like to share?

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