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Needles in the hay #1: A few links worthy of your time

Samuel Thompson - Sunday, February 19, 2012

—( ‘Do you love reading?’, with thanks to Fiduz )—Each week I put together a collection of a couple of articles, ideas and innovations that I've come across in my attempts to digest all of the information on the internet. These are some of the ones that really stood out.


// Pop Up People – Making a difference

An ‘action research project’ by the Empty Shops Network, The Pop Up People movement is a joy to behold. The link above is a manifesto in favour of just making things happen, and a glimpse at some of the awesome ways people are doing just that.

There's also a video with interviews and examples.

// The High Street Is Dead!

A perhaps over-simplified and superficial opinion piece from the Financial Times, it does however contain a number of well expressed points. The New Economics Foundation quickly countered with their rebuttal.

// The Elephant In The Room

An insightful blog post from Totally Locally addressing the issue of closing times for independent businesses, and its incompatibility with the traditional 9-5 working hours.

// Generosity Day – Replacing St Valentine

Beautiful and heart warming, Generosity Day is all about selfless acts of goodness. I guarantee that you'll be touched by some of the examples. My personal favourite: “I told an elderly woman today that she looked beautiful. Her eyes teared up and she said, ‘Nobody's told me that in years’”.

Also worth checking out a TED talk by Sasha Dichter, the founder of this movement. Realistic, inspirational and intriguing.

Your Moment Of Zen

// Pay it Forward – a tasty cup of altruism

This is the article I re-read when I've had a bad day. I hope it makes you smile too.

Have you come across any links you'd like to share?

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