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Needles In The Hay #13 - A Few Links Worthy Of Your Time

Samuel Thompson - Tuesday, May 22, 2012

—( ‘Do you love reading?’, with thanks to Fiduz )—Every couple of weeks I put together a collection of a couple of articles, ideas and innovations that I've come across in my attempts to digest all of the information on the internet. These are some of the ones that really stood out.


// Culture Led Regeneration

A short essay on the role of culture in local regeneration.

// Techno-Take-Out

YES! I've been waiting for a wide-spread adoption of tablet-based take-out technology for yonks now, and it finally seems to have arrived. In America, alas, but still: arrived!

// The Future of Furniture Retail?

Another techno-development – an augmented-reality furniture app. Expect to see this type of visualisation becoming the norm for switched-on furniture retailers in the future.

// Going Against The Grain

Bonobos (a high-profile online clothing store) recently opened a brick-and-mortar outlet. Why? Because there are certain things you can't quite do online, and here they are talking about them.

// Sticking Up For The Little Guy

The Queen's speech made mention of the Groceries Code Adjudicator Bill, something which should give suppliers a bit more room for manoeuvre if they're being treated unfairly. This article gives a run down of the issue.

// Simple Payments Without The Overheads

A new start up making online payments simple, gocardless.com looks to be aimed at businesses sick of the bureaucracy and high prices that come with accepting payments through traditional credit card companies etc. Which seems to be pretty much anyone.

That being said, it's about cardless payments – pretty useless for everyday retail, but phenomenal for invoicing and recurring payments.

Your Moment Of Zen

// A Full Belly And A Philanthropic Glow

Question: “Why not combine two things people wish they did more of – socializing over dinner, and giving charitably?” Fortunately someon gave answer.

Have you come across any links you'd like to share?

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