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An Overview Of The Mary Portas Review - Summary

Samuel Thompson - Friday, February 10, 2012

For anyone searching for a quick reference guide to The Portas Review this post has links to a short 6 part overview (from this blog), as well as a few suggestions for further reading.

6-Part Overview Links

// Introduction

A brief explanation of the context surrounding the commissioning and background of the report.

// The High Street: Problems & Potential

A look at the true value of the high street, why we should be protecting it and some of the internal problems it faces.

// Sizing Up The Competition

An eagle-eyed view of the outside competition the high street faces, from supermarkets to m-commerce.

// Legislation And Landlords

A summary of the legislative difficulties high street stores come up against, as well as an overview of the role played by landlords.

// The Recommendations

A broad analysis of the 28 recommendations set down in the Review.

// Reviewing The Review

My reactions to what the Review represents and a spot of criticism.

Further Reading

If you're really interested in the topic I'd suggest reading the The Portas Review itself. Within the report you'll also find mentions of the following studies and pieces of research, each of which provides lots of useful information on the state of the high street and small businesses:

If you've got any thoughts that you'd like to add please don't hesitate to leave a comment. Thanks for reading!

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